“Piano Night Live” Ep.22| I’ll be there for you – Bon Jovi

For those of you who don’t know i have played piano since the age of 5. I have been doing this for 22 weeks now. I don’t need a stupid awards show to tell me if I am good or not. I could of been nominated for 5 of those awards, but that’s ok. I am not going to be upset about it at all.

Time to show the world and show EVERYONE what I am really made of and quite honestly their approval isn’t needed because I am not going to die from their rejection.

SO to answer the question, I am still in the music scene, but global now. If people would stop relying on social media and engage in more face to face communications the world would be SUCH a better place.  Then people wonder why I am NEVER here.


if you have something to say about this and its not nice, I will delete it. I have no time for b/s or drama