“Piano Night Live” Ep.21| The Angel Song – Great White!


The History of Piano Night Live

So, a lot of you have been asking how Piano Night Live w/Lucia & Glynn started as well as Rock N Ramble w/Lucia & Glynn which I will save for another post.

In this one , we are going to talk about how Piano Night Live came to play.

Once Upon A Time, during an adventure down the Yangtze River with Friendly Planet Travel I had climbed up onto the stage in the master ballroom and began playing.  Glynn had asked me what are you doing, and I replied, what do you mean? Little to have known that I had an entire audience behind me.




So with that being said, the hunt for pianos began.  Glynn had blessed me with this amazing CTK 2550 – Christmas of 2017.  It’s a 61 key and it held out good for a while, but then suddenly I realized that this was not enough. I was missing 27 keys to do the job right.




Some others have come and gone during that time.  The CTK 431 was the first one that I had gotten for $25 thanks to John and Bonnie Lance.  That one was  49 keys.










A Concertmate 670, another 49 key was given to me for free.

Playing on these 2 with the 61 key was difficult.  I had 159 keys and struggled. But at least I was

able to put the concertmate and the 61 together at some point it had a nice setup.



At least I was able to set up the 61 key and the ConcertMate at some point, they looked really good together with the stand from K & S Music Store.  Don’t mind the rigged up stand for the music.




At this point I realized, OK I have to dump the 49 key ones, and upgrade to a 76.  So my friend Paul had blessed me with this one, a Casio WK 220 and it really did some nice work for a while, so at this point I had 4 keyboards. 2 49’s, a 61 and a 76. I tried really hard to get rid of the 49’s and no one wanted to purchase them. So having 4 keyboards was quite painful. I even managed to set up the 76 and the 61 at one point and it looked great together.






Fast forward a few months, the itch was beginning to purchase an 88 full weighted or semi weighted because a lot of my friends play on them when they play out. I don’t ever want to play out, I just want to keep things the way they are right now. So I found this bad boy a CDP 100 at Music Go Round in Wilkes Barre, PA thanks to the trading in of the CTK431, the Concertmate 670, and the Casio WK 220.

So here we are present day and age. 6/28/2018. CDP 100 and the 61. All the other keyboards are gone. The 61 can’t do what I want it to do for me. The person behind writing the music in Argentina had pointed this out. I originally started off with a program for the 61 key called Chordana which was absolute garbage. Found Synthesia and has yet to work for me on the CDP 100 because I don’t have the chords yet. 


I have also recently purchased a WK 245 Casio, 76 key with no weight that will also support my mission.

Your probably asking at this point What is my mission? That’s for you to find out each week on Piano Night Live with Lucia and Glynn you can find me under Lucia Piccolino and tune in live. You don’t have to be my friend or just look for it on YouTube and you will find all the past episodes.